Business Insurance



As an insurance broker for many years, John Savadjian makes it a priority to get to know his clients and their backgrounds, so he can find the right policies to suit their needs. For this reason, he works closely with clients to research coverage, terms, conditions, and pricing in order to recommend the best insurance policy for their particular situations.

From individuals to small business owners, John Savadjian has spent decades helping his clients obtain insurance coverage from insurers at the best possible price.

Business Insurance

Events such as natural disasters, lawsuits, and accidents can cripple a business if they haven’t invested in the right insurance. Through his practice, John Savadjian has helped protect many small business owners from the various and often unforeseen costs of running a business.

While many businesses are structured to protect the individuals running them, the protections you receive whether you are a corporation or limited liability company usually only shield your personal property from lawsuits. In addition, these protections have their limits.

John Savadijian helps his clients fill in the gaps between their personal assets and their business assets by protecting them from the unexpected.

The federal government, for instance, requires every business with employees to have unemployment, workers’ compensation, and disability insurance. Some states, however, require additional insurance. Since these laws vary by state, it is always recommended to have a professional like John Savadjian to speak with about state insurance requirements for your business.

This list is a sampling of the different types of business insurance coverage that has been a hallmark of John Savadjian’s insurance and financial services practice throughout the years.

  • General Liability Insurance – applicable to any business, this coverage guards against financial loss due to bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, libel, and settlement bonds or judgements.

  • Professional Liability Insurance – for businesses that offer services to customers, this coverage safeguards against financial loss resulting from malpractice, errors, and negligence.

  • Commercial Property Insurance – for businesses with property and physical assets, this coverage shields against damage and loss of company property on account of various events like fire, smoke, storms, and vandalism.

After clients purchase insurance that is required by law, John Savadjian helps them find insurance to cover other business risks. Generally, business owners need to insure against things they would not be able to pay for on their own. And John’s extensive insurance background helps clients find the kind of coverage that makes the most sense for their business.