Estate Planning


estate plan and living will


With over thirty-five years of experience in the financial services industry, John Savadjian has helped his clients protect and grow their assets throughout many stages of their lives. Whether it is portfolio management, long-term care insurance, or business insurance, John has the knowledge and the background to help his clients meet their financial goals while providing for a comfortable retirement.

Long-Term Planning Through Long-Term Relationships

Developing long-term relationships with his clients is one of the ways that John is able to provide the kind of valuable financial advice that leads to a lasting legacy. When it comes to your estate, you cannot take it with you no matter how large or small it is. As a result, you probably want a hand in how your assets are distributed to the people or organizations you care about. To make sure your wishes are carried out properly, you need to leave careful instructions specifying whom you want to receive your assets and what you want them to receive.  

John Savadjian makes the process of estate planning easier by making sure his clients take steps now to make things easier later. More importantly, he understands that estate planning is an ongoing process instead of a one-off event. For this reason, he helps his clients review and update their plans as families, financial circumstances, and the tax laws change over the years.  

Plans for Those Who Do Not Plan

Many people delay estate planning because they think they will have time for it later, or they do not want to think about it. Unfortunately, if you die without an estate plan, your assets will be distributed through a court-supervised probate proceeding. To avoid this occurrence, John Savadjian keeps his clients informed, so that they can handle these matters privately with their families instead of through the courts.

Keeping Costs Down and Providing Peace of Mind

One of the advantages of using an experienced estate planner like John Savadjian is that he can keep legal fees and court costs to a minimum. Although many people try to save money by doing it themselves, the DIY approach often winds up costing more later. John Savadjian’s guidance can help you prepare the right documents to ensure your estate is distributed properly. Essentially,  his expertise gives his clients the peace of mind of knowing that they have a well-designed plan in place that will protect their family and loved ones long after they are gone.