Personal Insurance


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As an experienced financial planner, John Savadjian not only helps clients with their finances, but he also helps them find the right insurance policies to protect their assets and their businesses. During his many years as an insurance agent with Prudential, John Savadjian learned how to connect his clients with the right policies.

His experience and knowledge of the industry means he understands the intricacies between plans and which ones will work best for his clients. Because he takes his obligations to his clients seriously, John always works tirelessly to represent his clients’ best interests.

Personal and Family Insurance

Personal insurance applies to policies purchased for personal or family protection instead of for business property or interests. Home and auto insurance are common examples of personal insurance. Nevertheless, choosing the right insurance plan at the right price is more complicated than most people anticipate. It is no wonder that many studies show that people often select less than optimal plans when left to their own devices.

The following are some of the different types of personal insurance policies that John Savadjian has handled for clients over the years.

  • Life Insurance – John Savadjian has written both term and whole life insurance policies for clients, depending on their specific needs. Term life insurance covers an individual for a certain time period. It is designed mainly to protect dependents in case that person dies prematurely. As a result, the policy only pays out if the covered individual dies within the specified term.

    On the other hand, whole life insurance provides coverage for the lifespan of the covered person. Moreover, it also has a cash value which grows in a tax-deferred account. And the policyholder can borrow against the money in this account or surrender the policy for cash.
  • Disability Insurance – Disability insurance compensates an individual and his or her family if that person becomes injured or unable to perform their job. Essentially, disability insurance covers the beneficiary’s earned income against the possibility that a disability will prevent him or her from working. For this reason, it includes things such as paid sick leave and short-term and long-term disability benefits.

  • Long-Term Care Insurance – People turn to long-term care insurance to afford the kind of care that is not covered by health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. Typically, long-term care covers the cost of care that extends beyond a predetermined period. People who need long-term care are usually not sick. Instead, they are less able to perform normal daily activities such as dressing, bathing, walking, and eating.

Over the years, John Savadjian has cultivated a reputation as a broker who takes the time to understand his clients’ circumstances, needs, and goals to find the best insurance policy for their budgets.