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John is a member of several prestigious business organizations, he participates in industry meetings and events for NJ insurance division, nationwide insurance agencies and companies. Below is a partial list of organizations he belongs to:

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You've probably heard that after years of talking about it, the Department of Labor last week finally proposed rules requiring all financial advisers to act as a fiduciary -- essentially, avoid conflicts of interest and act in your best interest -- when giving people retirement advice. Previously, only registered investment advisers have had to meet a fiduciary standard... find more on CNN How can you find an honest financial adviser?

It’s a smart move to get life insurance if you have a spouse or other family members who depend on you and your income, especially if you don’t have a large savings account find more in the Time magazine life insurance how much you need

Insurance is vital protection, but who can figure out such a complex subject? Here’s a smart guide to finding what you need and how to get it. AdviceIQ Network member Barry Glassman, the founder and president of Glassman Wealth Services, in McLean, Va., explains the three types of coverage you need so you or your family don’t end up in the gutter if things go wrong... Read more in Forbes magazine How much insurance do you really need?

Investors have long accepted that the key to portfolio construction is to diversify across asset classes — stocks, bonds and perhaps alternative investments such as hedge funds or commodities — in order to ensure the overall portfolio will stay on course to deliver targeted long-term goals, despite various ups and downs among the portfolio holdings. find more on CNBC use factor investing to build a diversified portfolio